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Membership at PSOM

How to become a Member:


Fellows are members of the Society who are in good standing for at least 2 years after fulfillment of their qualifications as a Diplomate


Diplomates are doctors who have fulfilled all their requirements set by the Board of Directors.

Requirements include:

1. Two (2) years of training program set by the Board of Directors, including conferences, lectures, workshops, hands on training and case presentations

2. Must pass all examinations set by the Board

3. Must have an active medical license with PRC

Membership are renewed annually. THERE ARE NO ANNUAL FEES.

  • ONE (1) annual conference, local or international (in partnership with PSOM AND at least one (1) local workshop organized by PSOM
  • Two (2) local workshops organized by PSOM
  • Submit the conferences and workshops annually for active associate membership

Email for application.

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