Healing people with the right molecules.

Ortho means right; using natural substances to correct metabolic imbalances that leads to chronic disease.

Who We Are

We are a society of like minded doctors who advocates using vitamins, minerals and science-based diets in treating illnesses.

We train our fellow doctors how to manage our patients using the Orthomolecular approach.

Our aim is to correct metabolic derangements brought about by pollution, our lifestyle and genetic predisposition, using the right molecules (ortho molecules).

Help us Spread our advocacy

Inspiring Doctors, Healing patients mobile: +639179516640

Train with us and become one of the pioneers in ORTHOMOLECULAR MEDICINE! Our 2 yr program is composed of online/face to face classes plus hands on training and visits to different centers and clinics for immersion.

Learn and improve your clinical and analytical skills. You will see your patients improve dramatically with the training you have garnered. Have the chance to be offered clinical practice or consultancy in wellness centers here and abroad.

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